Ember Moon vs Aliyah WWE NXT 1 February 2017 Written Updates with Video

Ember Moon vs Aliyah WWE NXT 1 February 2017 Written Updates with Video :- Another mind bl;owing episode of WWE NXT has already been finished where we have seen a terrific divas match between Ember Moon vs Aliyah as both these women gave a spectacular performance in this women’s singles contest and we will give you all the exclusive updates regarding this match in the article further.

Aliyah double legs Moon for a two count. Moon responds with a roll-up of her own for a two count. Moon takes Alyiah over with a double under hook suplex. Moon locks in a modified abdominal stretch.Aliyah is contorted in ways I have never seen before. Aliyah fights out of it and hits a neck breaker. Aliyah chops Moon over and over again.

Moon stumbles to the corner. Aliyah hits a Helluva kick (Sami will be tweeting about that later, I suspect). Northern lights suplex with a bridge for another two count by Aliyah. Aliyah whips Moon into the corner, but Moon hops up to the second rope and hits a moonsault. Moon picks up Aliyah in an atomic drop, but instead of hitting the move she walks Aliyah around the ring.

Aliyah reverses it into a head scissors take over. Aliyah attempts a hurricanranna, but gets caught in a powerbomb position. Aliyah reverses it into a sunset flip, but Moon rolls out and obliterates Aliyah with a basement clothesline. Moon mounts the top rope and hits the Eclypse for the win.

Winner – Ember Moon

Loser – Aliyah

Way of Winning – Pinfall

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