Natalya attacks Nikki Bella before SmackDown Live 24 Jan 2017 Full Details with Video

Natalya attacks Nikki Bella before SmackDown Live 24 Jan 2017 Full Details with Video :- The newest WWE SmackDown women rivalry between Nikki Bella and Natalya is getting more and more intensified with every passing day we witnessed few weeks before when Carmella made the revelation that it was Natalya who attacked Nikki at the Survivor Series 2016 event after which Nattie started giving explanations to Nikki but just 2 weeks back she proved Carmella right by attacking Nikki from behind at backstage.

Even on last week SmackDown Live we have seen both these divas having a Merchandise Stand brawl and more then a regular one it has turned into a Cat Fight as these women are hungry for each other blood.

Tonight SmackDown Live show is going to take place at Huntington Center, Toledo, Ohio and earlier this evening when Nikki was making an entry in the arena she was being interviewed outside and asked :

Now you and John Cena are more than friends which has been been said by Natalya on multiple occasions now according to Natalya its the main reason because of which you became such an extraordinary superstar

Nikki Bella answers – You know I heard quite a bit of it its extremely unfortunate take these trucks for example yes I’m on it but also all these amazing superstars are on it and ofcourse on this one I’m next to John and maybe its destiny but John has nothing to do with this infact John has nothing to do with any of my success here in WWE.

Natalya came from behind saying – Amazing superstars I don’t see my face on this truck I don’t see my face anywhere Nikki went to puch her Natalya dodges and bangs Nikki head to the truck went away smiling.

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