Sasha Banks vs Asuka WWE RAW 29 Jan 2018 Result Winner Loser Pics & Video Full Details

Sasha Banks vs Asuka WWE RAW 29 Jan 2018 Result Winner Loser Pics & Video Full Details :- Tonight after Royal Rumble 2018 event the latest episode of Monday Night RAW happened where we have seen huge Women’s match announced by Commissioner Stephanie McMahon between Asuka vs Sasha Banks and we will tell you whether the empress of tomorrow’s winning streak ended tonight or not.

Sasha Banks pushes Asuka into the corner. Banks rolls up Asuka for a near fall. Asuka takes Banks over with a hip toss. Banks rolls into an armbar. Asuka gets to her feet. Asuka back body drops Banks out to the apron. Asuka kicks Asuka in the head before hip attacking her off the apron. Banks is almost counted out. Asuka chokes Banks in the corner with her boot. Asuka tries a boot but Banks catches her foot and hits a knee. Basement double knee strike by Banks. After the break, Banks crushes Asuka with her leaping double knees in the corner.

Asuka kicks out. Banks puts Asuka in a surfboard. Vertical suplex by Banks. Asuka kicks out again. Banks slaps Asuka in the face. Banks mushes Asuka and bad mouths her. Asuka launches into a flurry of strikes. Asuka hits the ropes but Banks hits a spinning head scissor into the Banks Statement. Asuka gets to the ropes. Banks puts Asuka back in the Banks Statement. Asuka reverses it into a pin. Banks kicks out. Banks sends Asuka to the outside. Banks tries a suicide dive but Asuka kicks her in the face before she can connect.

Banks landed VERY awkwardly (her feet got hooked on the ropes). Asuka brings Banks back into the ring. Asuka destroys Banks with a head kick. Asuka hits a sliding knee for a near fall. Asuka goes up top and missile dropkicks Banks. Asuka puts Banks in the armbar. Banks counters into a pin. Asuka kicks out.Asuka sends Banks out to the apron.

Asuka tries her hip attack again but Banks moves out of the way. Asuka falls out of the ring. Banks hits a diving double knee off the apron. Banks sends Asuka back in the ring and hits the double knees off the top rope. Banks puts Asuka in the Banks Statement again. Asuka almost gets to the ropes but Banks kicks the rope to roll them back into the center of the ring. Asuka reverses the Banks Statement into the Asuka Lock. Banks taps out.

Winner – Asuka

Loser – Sasha Banks

Way of Winning – Submission

Sasha Banks vs Asuka RAW 29 Jan 2018 Images and Stills

Sasha Banks vs Asuka RAW 29 Jan 2018 Video Full HD

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