WWE NXT 25 January 2017 Ember Moon vs Liv Morgan Singles Match Full Details Pics with Video

WWE NXT 25 January 2017 Ember Moon vs Liv Morgan Singles Match Full Details Pics with Video :- The latest episode of WWE NXT has already been aired which kicked off with an awesome womens singles match between Ember Moon and LIV Morgan in front of a packed house and in this post further we will give you all the exclusive details of this hot divas battle along with the pics and full video.

Morgan takes down Moon, but Moon nips up out of it. Morgan does a nip up of her own. Moon and Morgan shake hands as a sign or respect. Moon and Morgan trade pin attempts. Moon takes Morgan down in a small package. Morgan and Moon roll around the ring, each reversing the small package over and over again. Morgan gets the two count. Morgan takes Moon over with a head scissors. Morgan whips Moon into the corner. Moon moves out of the way as Morgan slams head first into the corner. Moon crushes Morgan with a running knee to the face. Moon picks up Morgan and tosses her with a fall away slam. Moon gets a two count. Moon puts Morgan in the cross face. Morgan reverses it into a pin for a two count.

Morgan lands a dropkick followed by a bulldog. Morgan nips up and locks in a guillotine. Moon doesn’t go down to the ground. Moon lifts Morgan and tosses her over the top rope. Morgan takes a nasty bump to the outside. As Morgan struggles to get to her feet, Moon comes out to the apron and levels Morgan with a running kick to the face. Moon tosses Morgan back into the ring. As Morgan rises, Moon climbs the top rope and obliterates Morgan with the Eclipse (or the O-Face, if you’re nasty).

Winner – Ember Moon

Way of Winning – Via Pinfall

After match – Moom and Morgan shake hands

Ember Moon vs Liv Morgan NXT 25 Jan 2017 Images & Stills


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